Hand-made and Installed Cement Floor Tile Contest Winning Project by Larry Bodenhamer

I completed approximately 1600 square feet of concrete tiles (about 3,200 - 9 inch tiles). I hand vibrated each tile. This works, but is very tedious. I am planning on ordering more molds from your company soon. I have another project of 1600-1700 square feet to make tiles for next. I want to build a vibrator table though as I cannot fathom shaking another 3k tiles. I have attached photos of a portion of the floor and stairway that was completed using your molds. My friends think I am a genius (little do they know). I used ½ inch kiln glass squares in the floor and the stair risers. The floor is over 3 years old now, with no wear!!!!! The risers are about 1 year old and are holding up beautifully. Your molds saved me a boat load of money. Thanks.

Video From Riley's Perspective

This video was made using additional photos provided by Larry. It represents both his initial project, now almost five years old, and his second project of 1600-1700 sq. ft. That project includes the use of concrete stains that he incorporated into his design. His dog, Riley, provided the narrative for the video.

Larry's Description of his Olde World Concrete Floors...

Dark Grey Flooring
The dark gray concrete tiles were created with sand, pea gravel and Portland cement and black dye. I used the standard concrete mix 3-2-1. I also added black powdered dye to the mix, which made the finished product a grayish-blue color. I hand mixed the concrete to create over 3000 (4, 9, and 12 inch) tiles or approx 1500 sq ft. of floor space. The tiles were made in sets of 25. Each set was poured and hand shaken (to remove bubbles) then covered with plastic for two days. At that time, the tiles (25) were removed from the mold and placed into large plastic garbage bags. The bags were sprayed with water to enhance the curing process and left for 30 days. After 30 days the tiles were removed, inspected and stacked for later use.

The floor was laid out with a grid and Versabond (thin set) was used to secure the tiles to the concrete floor. The patterns were made to fit into designated areas. The grout widths were modified to help make the designs fit into these areas. Poured glass was used in the designs to enhance the reflective properties of the glass, white Versabond was used.

After the finished tiles were laid, a product called Glaze n Seal Sealer was used on the bare tiles. After grouting, a second seal coat was applied to the tiles and grout. Two finished coats of Glaze n Seal floor polish were used as the final finish. This floor is approximately 5 years old with no signs of wear. My wife dropped a cast iron grill (10 to 15 pounds) on the floor and there was only a slight ding in the concrete. Very durable.

1. The Borrego Springs California Desert (orange) Floor: (This flooring tile was made in the same manner as above.)
I purchased a small electric concrete mixer for the mixing (time saver) (arm saver). I used a latex concrete stain from Dunn Edwards paints. Some of the tiles were not sealed prior to grouting. This created an "old" look as some of the stain was rubbed off during the grout process. This floor will coordinate with the Mexican/rustic design of the home. I will send pictures after the project is competed (about a year). I now forbid my wife from using cast iron in this home (wishful thinking).

2. The Outdoor Tiles: The outdoor tiles (gray #1100 iles), were integrated into the red clay bricks. No finish was applied. I find the tiles become rather slippery when wet. Maybe a light sanding or slip resistant finish would rectify this problem. Thanks again for providing me with the molds, especially the ABS molds that do not deteriorate, that have enabled me to create a great, lasting floor while saving mega bucks. Larry Bodenhamer 858-229-9383

I don't lay floors for a living. I have always bought homes and remodeled them myself. I learned all the basic remodel skills from trial and some...many errors. Now retired (barely), I am a part time artist..I have worked with ceramics for about 15 years. My pottery studio is in the Carmel Valley home. I included a few random, not so great photos if you care to see what I do in my spare time.

Your company has always been very customer service oriented. I appreciate your help in the past and the product in general. Without it, I would still have stained, shag carpet with fleas... Lots of fleas. Larry


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